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Step 1: Consultation: Tell us what work you require.

Step 2: Define the Project: We will discuss our role and your role. We will then talk about Deliverables and timelines.

Step 3: Cost.  We will supply detailed costing for your project. For most jobs, we offer a fixed cost. 

Step 5: Websites: Test, Refine and Launch: Before going live, your site is tested for functionality, working links,  browser compatibility, accessibility and quick load time. Our quality assurance and testing practices ensure delivery of high quality, user-friendly solutions. Once all these critical steps are completed successfully, the site is upload to your web host (published) ready for the world to beat a path to your ‘door’. But first they must find your site…..

Step 6: Search Engine Optimization: Online Marketing and Promotion: Your particular site must now be found among the millions of others on the net. Using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques we will take deliberate steps to maximize the potential for matching potential client’s search terms with your specific keywords, meta tags and description. In short…so they find YOU and not your competitor.

Step 7: Content Management and Maintenance: In order to retain visitor interest and encourage repeat visits, the content of your site should be regularly revised and enhanced. Above all, the information on your website must be interesting, relevant and current! Also your website needs to evolve as your business evolves. Our maintenance support services include text and graphic/image, link and page changes. We can discuss this service at our consultation meeting.

On-going website support:
Bug fixing, problems analysis and resolution that are a result of our error, will be dealt with immediately at no charge.

If you have questions about any of the above, please fill in our contact form.

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