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About Kent Graphics: We are a well established web development and graphic design house delivering custom services to companies of all sizes. We are located in Ottawa, Ontario and have been offering creative solutions to our clients for almost 30-years.

Monday through Friday: 9:00 to 5:00
(eastern standard time)
We are closed weekends and all Canadian Statutory holidays

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We respect the privacy of our website visitors. Any personal information or identifiable data you provide is voluntary, and we do not collect specific information to sell to third-parties.

We do not store personal viewer data. However we do track aggregated user data to evaluate the effectiveness of our Web site and help us improve our service. For example, we may compile statistics about our daily number of site visitors or specific page requests which we use to improve our site's performance. We do not sell any information to a third-party, nor contact viewers.

Kent Graphics is our registered domain name and the web entity under which we are found on the world wide web. We are not a registered company in any province or country under that legal name and do not bill or invoice under that name. Complete invoicing and payment information will be supplied at time of sale. Please thoroughly read our Legal information page for full ordering information, or contact us via our web form. Where the name Kent Graphics is used on this site, it is to designate our web presence, not a company venture under that name.

Please read our legal information carefully, failure to do so does not absolve you of your responsibility.

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